At ALPINA, we see it as our responsibility to develop in an innovative, responsible and sustainable way.

As part of our responsible development, we are committed to continuous innovation and sustainability for the benefit of future generations. We believe that this development is best achieved through an ongoing process of learning and mutual exchange. In this exchange, we also involve our clients, who benefit from our experience and know-how.


Alpina supports the fight against climate change.

Did you know that 30 percent of inner-city private traffic is caused by people looking for parking spaces? Alpina guides you directly to the car park by means of innovative parking concepts without detours. In the car park, the EV charging stations are already waiting for you, which are preferably fed with green electricity. We still have so much to do. As a result, we are already achieving a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Together, we can get there even faster.


At ALPINA, occupational health and safety, diversity, equal opportunities and equal pay are not just empty words.

Our corporate culture reflects our corporate values: we believe in quality, safety, sustainability and social responsibility. By regularly asking our employees for their opinions in surveys, we can directly measure how satisfied they are with our corporate culture. Together, we develop hybrid working models and successively expand our employee benefits programme. We also take our responsibility for data protection and IT security equally seriously. Protecting personal data is of particular concern to us. We process all data we receive in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DSGVO).


In addition to our long-term business objectives, ALPINA's corporate strategy also takes ecological and social goals into account.

Decision making is based on trust and transparency. Our corporate planning incorporates appropriate financial and sustainable development targets. At Alpina, we foster a long tradition of sustainable innovation culture. Thus, for many years, we have given priority to promoting new developments in our car parks that serve to protect the environment. In addition, we are dedicated to following a responsible business model based on long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.

From parking to mobility, allow us to advise you in all areas!

Contact us and speak directly with our experts! Let's discuss your plans in our Hub Concepts and Real Estate Developments domains. To this end, allow us to create high-quality services for you.

Our strong team has many years of experience in the areas of parking, operations and mobility. We are therefore able to offer tailor-made solutions for almost any customer requirement. Our objective is to think outside the box and create innovative solutions for a mobile environment. At the same time, we focus on first-class service and customer satisfaction.

We look forward to advising you in a thorough and professional manner.

Your Alpina Parking Team!

A passion for parking, mobility & life.