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For over 25 years, Alpina has proudly focused on operational car park management, acquiring and developing car parks, and consulting on planning, establishing and running parking facilities.

Over the years, the company has acquired a wealth of experience in traffic engineering, project management, property development and business strategies through the acquisition of car parks. Building on this, our team of experts now successfully provides company and location-specific advice on the planning, construction and establishment of commercial parking facilities.

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Running multistorey car parks successfully is what we do best! Tailored usage concepts, bespoke charge schemes and creative marketing – all delivered by our highly committed team – have resulted in steady revenue growth, greater profitability and satisfied customers at all our sites since 1997. We have increased revenue significantly at all 42 of the car parks that we currently run. Our operating concept is built around fair, long-term lease and management agreements with our partners. We are also more than happy to take on opportunities at short notice in order to ensure lasting success.


Investing in car park properties has been a key element of our corporate philosophy for many years now. The strong capital base of our group of companies and our 25 years of experience enable us to undertake rapid yet in-depth assessments and valuations and acquire parking properties swiftly. We purchase underground, multistorey and outdoor car parks via our subsidiary Alpina Parking Properties and individual parking spaces – preferably in packages – via its counterpart Alpina Parking Spaces. Ownership and long-term leaseholds thus form a firm foundation for our company’s future.


From national and international funding schemes, planning and designing car parks, maintenance and renovation measures, parking management technology, security and fire protection technology and urban planning all the way through to relocating stationary traffic to local garages, building charging infrastructure for e-mobility in parking properties and helping you to run your own car parks – the experts at Alpina Consulting can advise you on absolutely anything from the world of parking. Our clients include city and town councils, local authorities, hospitals, airports, architects, project developers and owners of parking properties.

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Thanks to our experience in operating car parks at 42 locations in Germany, Austria and Slovakia with a total of 10,495 parking spaces, we can of course also offer tailor-made solutions to drivers looking for a parking space.

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We would be happy to run your car park for you or purchase it from you and can advise you on all relevant aspects, from parking through to mobility.

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We will gladly draw up a tailored quote for a lease or a sophisticated concept for a management contract for your garage or parking space. Similarly, we would be delighted to put together an attractive quote for purchasing your parking property.

If you are looking for advice on anything to do with parking, our Alpina Consulting experts are on hand to share their many years’ experience and ultra-innovative ideas with you at any time.
 Professionalism, top-class service and unbeatable customer satisfaction are our top priorities in everything we do.

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