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Alpina Parking offers you a pleasant and secure parking experience. We have eleven sites at currently eight locations in Munich, Starnberg, Dachau and Regensburg and we’ll soon be opening more car parks in Germany!
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There are few areas of life that are currently undergoing more change than mobility and urban parking. Towns and cities of all sizes are getting congested, sometimes even overwhelmed, by ever-increasing traffic. Providing somewhere to park that’s easy to find and drive into is key to reducing traffic volumes in city centres and making them a nicer place to live and spend time.
Since 1997, therefore, the Alpina Group has been a committed operator, developer and owner of car parks, offering innovative concepts for the mobility chain.

Parking marks the start and end of every car journey. Alpina’s high-quality sites are both a home and a service centre for everything associated with modern mobility as well as the perfect place to charge electric vehicles.


Environmental, Social & Governance

As part of our responsible development, we are committed to continuous innovation and sustainability for the benefit of future generations. We believe that this development is best achieved through an ongoing process of learning and mutual exchange. In this exchange, we also involve our clients, who benefit from our experience and know-how.
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We would be happy to run your car park for you or purchase it from you and can advise you on all relevant aspects, from parking through to mobility.

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We will gladly draw up a tailored quote for a lease or a sophisticated concept for a management contract for your garage or parking space. Similarly, we would be delighted to put together an attractive quote for purchasing your parking property.

If you are looking for advice on anything to do with parking, our Alpina Consulting experts are on hand to share their many years’ experience and ultra-innovative ideas with you at any time.
 Professionalism, top-class service and unbeatable customer satisfaction are our top priorities in everything we do.

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